GF Group is a group of companies headed by Fab Costruzioni, a young company that was founded in 2016 and is a well-established group of qualified professionals throughout the country dealing with ex novo construction, renovation, industrial and civil installations.

In addition, since 2020 we have started the maintenance department. 

Reliability and on-time delivery are two hallmarks of our business, combined with the assistance provided to the client from budgeting and design to project implementation.

Since 2022, we have acquired SOA certifications for the implementation of public contracts.

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GF Group bases its strength on the professionalism offered by its employees in every field, from construction to plant engineering, each work is followed by specialized technicians who are able to support all processes with the utmost care and professionalism. 

All supplies and materials used are of the highest quality to relieve the client of any future problems.

Those who choose GF Group choose quality.


Our company operates in a country, Italy, where the relationship between cultural resources and economic development is profound and presents great prospects. In this context, reuse and especially redevelopment are central topics for the construction industry today, also in light of the fact that our building stock is largely energy outdated. We are certain that the construction or redevelopment of a building does not only involve the work of the designer and the contractor, but also concerns everything that revolves around them, such as the production and supply of raw materials and building components and so on. To carry out operations of this nature, it is then necessary to have specific means and appropriate methods and to pay great attention and care to each stage. GF Group is ready to make its contribution.


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